Hi! I'm Annie and I'm so glad you are here! I help moms and women who feel stuck and/or lost find their path again (or for the first time!) and claim their happiness and true power. I have always loved teaching and helping others have joy because,

I know what it's like to lose hope, faith and not remember happy times.

I know what it's like to feel lost.

I know what it's like to feel alone.

I know that everyone has the power to live a life full of purpose, meaning, love, light and truth.

The ancient poet Rumi said that "When setting on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home."  Here is a little piece of my journey away from home and back again:


 In April of 2015  I wound up in a psychiatrist's office in the middle of a mental breakdown. The first question I can remember the doctor asking was, "when was the last time you were happy?" and I literally couldn't remember.  After the right medication, therapy and self help I made a lot of progress with taking care of myself and making boundaries to protect my mental health and happiness.


After 3 years of this I was exactly what the "world" told me it meant to be a successful woman: marriage, children, owning my own business, volunteering at church, the whole package. I was doing it all! And BONUS! I was also MISERABLE...again. The darkness had slowly crept back in.

Meds were not fixing my problems. Hormone therapy didn't fix my problems. Working out and being fit wasn't fixing my problems. Therapy wasn't fixing my problems. My faith wasn't fixing my problems. I questioned that maybe there was something else or some other way to find peace. This led me to my self help journey of meditation, mindfulness and spiritual awareness. 


Because of these new practices in my life I am now anti-depressant free since April 2018 and am recovering in peace. Through my faith and daily meditation practice I am conciously choosing to live a peace filled life as I juggle my many hats as a wife, mother, woman, writer and friend. I am a certified Mindfulness coach and certified Life Coach and love helping other women on their journey to awesomeness.

I live on 2 acres in southern Nevada with my super hot husband of 15 years, our 5 children, 1 crazy dog and 2 sociopathic cats. 

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