Mindfulness Mentoring for Moms

"Change your habits, change your life"- Jim Quik

Daily mindfulness techniques help you get new ideas, support, accountability and tools to achieve your personal, home, family and life goals! 

 We all need support when we want to change our life, which means changing our habits.

Mindfulness helps you change your moment to moment awareness that changes your life. As you change your mind you are able to stay accountable and consistent so you reach your goals.

Let me help you get the family and personal life you've always wanted.

Are you frustrated and tired of always feeling tired and lost? Confused? And Stuck? Are you not the mom you envisioned yourself to be and feel like you are drowning in guilt and shame? Let's face it, motherhood is the hardest job you'll ever have and there are NO instructions manuals that come for moms that are actually for real life motherhood.

What causes our suffering is our thoughts based on subconscious and old negative beliefs. Through mindfulness and meditation and you can free your mind and your life from the old chains keeping you stuck.


1-1 Mentoring Plan:   8 or 12 session plans available. Each package includes 60 minute in person, phone or skype session with me, along with unlimited voxer (walkie talkie app) support, and email support.

 Can you imagine a life where you:

-wake up with purpose and hope?

-don't lose your mind when your kids are misbehaving or sick?

-feel peaceful and happy no matter what day of the week it is or what you are doing or what is happening around you?

-have more energy, clarity and focus?

Bump to Birth Mindfulness Plan: This is a 6 month plan for expecting moms for during pregnancy and after baby arrives. This includes twelve 60 minute sessions over phone, Skype or in person along with unlimited (walkie talkie app) support, and email support.

Get help-

-mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques to calm your mind and body

-preparing your body, mind, home, work and life schedule for a new baby

-get a better personal routine to help you stay on top of your game (even with less sleep)

- help transition siblings for the new arrival 

-tools to ignore well meaning strangers and family comments about your baby, your body and your family ( it's awesome!)

Having a mindfulness mentor during this time is an amazing gift to give to yourself. every week is a 60 minute session over the phone or Skype to help you stay focused, energized and not get lost in the hormonal soup! Put your best foot forward every day and enjoy motherhood and your baby more than you ever have.

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