Meditation changed my life.      Period.

Meditation is proven (look up the studies) to help with your sleep, productivity, lower stress level, increase oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and endorphin levels (among many other brain chemicals). Meditation helps you accomplish more, stay clear headed and mindful. 

STRESS makes you SLOW, SICK and STUPID. and meditation helps clear out conscious stress and subconscious stress (and generational stress)

Besides all the nerdy reasons to meditate, meditation is a spiritual path to peace and enlightenment. Meditation connects me with God and who I am, for a few seconds every day (yes, during my 20 minute practice I get just a little glimpse). Meditation helps me know my purpose and path. Meditation makes my prayers better, my worship deeper, my sanity (actually sane). I am happier, peaceful and full of love and excitement because of meditation.

Therapy helped me see and get rid of the identities other people gave me, but meditation helped me see my true identity, and that gives you enough peace and clarity you don't need therapy because crap doesn't bother you anymore and if it does, you know how to say no.

Mudra Meditation



1.I sit in a chair or sofa with my back supported to be straight with my head free. you don't have to do anything fancy with your hands, just place them on your knees or thighs (or choose from yoga hand mudras).

2.I use a timer and do 20 minutes two times a day (honestly: I've been lack on the second time each day).

3. I close my eyes and repeat a one or two word silent mantra in my head to focus. I don't worry about thoughts that come up (because that is stress leaving the mind) they come and go as they please and I keep repeating my mantra. I breath in and out through my nose. * a note about mantras- you want one that doesn't have a lot of meaning behind it so you can focus on it without thinking, so a mantra like "I am enough" or "Love" are LOADED with thought triggers. I use Sanskrit words as my mantras because they mean things but consciously they don't make me think anything. if that makes sense.

Some days are great. Some days are just normal. But every time I meditate it's worth it. 

White Flowers


happy people are mindful people

mindfulness means staying in the present moment. the present moment is stress free. it's depression free. it's anxiety free. the present moment is full of peace and knowledge, just focus on your breathe. focus on your hand as you wash the dishes. focus on your child's face as they talk to you. feel the beauty of each and every moment and it will create a beautiful life.

mindfulness helps you to keep from following thoughts like a lost poppy dog following any random kid that runs by. mindfulness helps you choose what thoughts to keep, and what to let go. so the drama about aunt caty? doesn't even register with you. not your problem, you just let it go.

that thing 20 years ago that you couldn't forgive yourself for...still? mindfulness? it's not even there. why would you keep thinking about something that sucks? 

mindfulness is ego free. there is no "self" and "others", there is only the moment. no judging thoughts or analyzing. just experiencing. seriously, pure, utter bliss.

mindfulness is the only way. it is so simple. and yet extremely difficult. 

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