eating and stuff

eating is a tricky subject. mostly because everyone (and I used to) thinks it's all about the food. once you find the right foods for your body and eat the right amounts and the right kinds, then it will all workout. 

here's a little tip: IT'S NOT ABOUT THE FOOD.

I know right? isn't that a relief? but then it's kind of not a relief, because what is it about? it's all about your relationship to yourself and to God. it's all about how you process your emotions (or don't process them) and most of us use food as a drug. between 800 self help books and diets about food and trying to work off the extra 5 boxes of cookies I'd eat in the night instead of looking at my mindset, I finally found 12 step and that changed everything. I highly recommend 12 step to everyone. yes, EVERYONE. take your problems, and just give them to God. "Jesus take the wheel" can be your new mantra. 

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