God's light, love and miracles are all around you

You just have to ASK to see them.

You can only find what you are looking for.

I think the greatest thing I learned along this journey was that I was not my mind, and whooooooo boy, what a relief that is.

Why? Because my brain was one crazy circus show.

When I realized I wasn’t my brain, I was able to drop the shame and guilt, and with that instant relief, learn how to retrain my brain.

My thoughts had been set to the task of searching and finding:

  1. Everything that was wrong in the world

  2. All the immediate and not-so-immediate threats out to get me

  3. Sadness, suffering, and soullessness (is that a word?)

So what did I always see, feel and experience in my ‘world’? Everything that was wrong, all the threats (helloooo cortisol!), and all the sadness, suffering and soul killing stuff.

As I slowly what about bobbed ‘baby stepped’ my thoughts to more positive ones, this wonderful, enlightening thing happened…I found my faith again.

I started to ask for, and look for and trust that I could see God’s hand in my life. That I could see his love. That I could witness miracles. And guess what happened?

My life started to overflow with little pats of love, slivers of beauty and waves of miracles. And then they were gone. But I would be mindful of them, and be grateful of them, and ask for MORE. I know right? So ballsy.

But I was addicted, my mind was being blown open. I could see how there was love in everything, that we are all connected (yes, even and especially through suffering), and the end result in motion is always ONENESS.

This is all orchestrated for each person to realize, we are not alone, the world is not out to get you, it’s just up to you releasing the fear, and grabbing love by the horns and jumping on.

I promisee you, God’s love is all around you. HIs light is filling your days and shining at night. His miracles are like the water the goldfish can’t ever comprehend cuz he has a tiny pea brain.

But if you are ready to not be miserable and not be stuck in a sea of suffering, try these steps:

  1. Can I see and feel the spirit?

  2. Will I believe if I see and feel it? (If I can't believe, can I just desire to believe?)

  3. Trust god, and keep having faith and patience the belief can come

  4. Remember that the striving and yearning for belief is giving you direction to your highest self.

  5. Keep trying to learn how to ask and see His love in your life, and NEVER GIVE UP.

Please know this, you are loved, you are valued, you are miraculous (and so is everyone else). God's love and miracles are bigger than any mistake you will ever make!

Love ya! Mwuah!

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