Writing again

Starting out my dance studio took over my life. I stopped writing, and I stopped a lot of other things. It was necessary to get it up and running off the ground. Now that it's a non-profit and running smoothly, I wanted to write again. But I kept stopping. I was keeping myself away from it. The old fears crept in.

What will people think?

Writing exposes you to the world, and that's an amazing thing. That's why I've grown so much from learning from other people's words and voice. Somehow we think if we do the same we will be too vulnerable and be destroyed, instead of lifted up through helping others.


If my sharing small parts of my life and journey from a depressed, shut in mom watching Netflix and eating Haagen daaz all day to a happy, successful and thriving human being can help just ONE person out there, then any embarrassment would be worth it.

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