how do you find time to read? (as a mom?)

Let's face it, your hands are full, how can you put a book in them? Let alone have time to sit down without someone asking you 800 times if they can make slime and clog up your sink again? You can't find time and they can't make slime, just make it STOP.

Most likely reading regularly went out the window along with not having to yell at someone through your bathroom door during your shower to stop asking questions through your bathroom door while you are taking a shower.

I get asked a lot how I have time to read and honestly, I owe it all to my friend Rachelle. She taught me all about audible and it's been a game changer. Before audible I was reading on AVERAGE, around maybe 2-3 books per year. NO JOKE. Now I have read 20 books last year and am already at 15 for 2018 on my way to my goal of 30. Listening to audio books while I clean, drive, even mow the lawn, gives me the chance to grow my mind and change my life, and at the same time making some pretty menial tasks enjoyable even? do I dare say that? It's true. If it's a good book, I look forward to folding that laundry in peace while I learn how to kick butt living life and being happy.

If you've tried audio books and it didn't work, maybe find out what kind of narrator you enjoy listening to? Or what kind of books you actually like? Maybe it's repair manuals? Or Comic books? Whatever it is, find it. Reading changes EVERYTHING.

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