how to enjoy social media (or all about boundaries)

what do you enjoy most about social media?

are there some things you do not enjoy? things you would like to change?

I started a new youtube channel where I will, in about 5-10 minutes discuss something I've learned through therapy or some of my favorite self help books.

my first one is all about social media boundaries.

what are those you say?

a few years ago I found myself having a hard time with people's "on line" personas. I hated their posts, I hated their words. I just all around wanted to drown their social media accounts in gasoline. not good.

so I'm telling all of this to my therapist and he asked, "Why don't you unfollow them?". "Well...because...I stammered, I don't want to offend them."

"Ok, so, it's ok to be mad at them constantly and judging them, but not ok to unfollow them?". Seriously, I swear therapy is just paying someone to show you how dumb your ego is.

"Well...yeah I said." even though I realized right away that he was right. why wouldn't I do the thing that helps me feel good, and helps me love other people more? why do we suffer thinking it's "The right" thing to do, when it's really hurting both of us.

so he gave me, and I gave myself, permission to unfollow any accounts that didn't bring me joy. because social media is supposed to be ENTERTAINING, enlightening and fun. it's not supposed to send you head first into a carton of ben and jerry's. so I cut all of them out, and this miraculous thing happened! I enjoyed those people person. I enjoyed seeing them and talking small talk with them. it was fabulous!

slowly over the last 4 years I've added people back into my social media realm and I have nothing but joy and happiness for them. but if I find anything in their content or pictures starting to irritate or bother me, I'll either scroll quickly or just click "unfollow". easy peasy lemon squeezie!

I hope you can look at other areas in your life where you might need to set up boundaries too. boundaries are to keep you happy, healthy and safe. whatever that may be. I'd love to know other topics you'd like covered in my videos. comment below or email me!


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