Maybe it’s right in front of you

This weekend I spent a lot of time under the mulberry tree in our backyard. It’s my favorite place to drink my morning tea, read, meditate, and watch my kids play in the yard (or hide from my kids if they are inside ;).

My husband sat down next to me the other morning and asked, “do you want me to move that big weed right there?”. “Right where?”I asked looking all around me. And he instantly motioned to a large green plant growing over our irrigation bridge to our field, right.smack.dab. in front of me. No joke.

Once I thought about it I just said, “I’m okay with it staying”, because 1. It’s green, and I live in the desert, so if it’s growing and green shouldn’t I let it thrive? 2. I hadn’t even noticed it so it must not be a problem. Right?

Well, being a fixer, he proceeded to remove it anyway because he said he knew I’d like it better gone. My husband has an incredible eye for detail and sees things I just can’t, literally. And guess what? A few scoops, he took it out and VOILA! There was a gorgeous view behind it! I had not realized how much it was hiding!

It made me remember that this has happened many times along my healing journey. Just because something has been "there" for a long time, and it isn't necessarily "dangerous" or "bad", thinking about removing it doesn't even float into my radar. Why take effort to change if it isn't "annoying" me right?

But what is it in the way of? What can show up that you actually LOVE and WANT in your life when you spend a little energy removing what you don't want or don't want, and release it with love?

Well that my friends is where the real miracles appear.

Make this your mantra this week:

"I release all things, that no longer work for me."
"I release all things, that no longer serve me."
the view my weed was hiding

Maybe just the simple act of being ready and willing to release, will open up a whole new world for you.

And sheesh, WHO KNOWS what is hiding behind what is right in front of you?!

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