putting it down on paper

what's the greatest thing that has brought me peace?

getting my thoughts out of my head.

have you ever written down the thoughts? The ones causing you lots of distress?

trust me, your ego definitely doesn't want you getting these thoughts on paper and out of your head, because well, that's ITS Job is to manage them, and no one likes to be fired.

that's why we don't like writing it down, why we procrastinate writing it down, why we poo poo writing it down. and I mean, PHYSICALLY writing it out. NOT ON YOUR DANG PHONE.

think about it, during this pandemic, the thoughts that have gone around and are swirling and are causing STRESS, when we write it out and look at them, you guys...they are bananas.


so getting out the negative and stressful thoughts on paper, SO HELPFUL. SO POWERFUL. SO HEALING.

Write them down and ask, "Is this true?".

But what about ideas?

Write them down.

We need to get those babies out too.

What has been so helpful for my brain is getting out all the ideas, onto paper. Letting them give birth that way. Getting them out of my head because UGH! There's just too much going on in there.

So basically, we need more journals, more notebooks, more writing things out.

Especially the stressful thoughts right now, GET THEM OUT!

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