What if your higher self, looked, totally normal?

What if becoming your higher self looked, just, totally normal? Like, just a regular person?

I can already feel my ego rejecting that statement. “No, when I’m embodied as my higher self I’ll be a levitating, gorgeous, perfect, radiant light being and everyone will be in awe at my miraculous transformation.”


But why does our ego put things like this on a pedestal? Because then it can ALWAYS be wanting more. If we believe all the lies: "Happier people have more. Peaceful people have crazy miracles that everyone knows about. LIfe altering things have happened to them." etc. etc. etc.

Well then that kind of life is always “out there” and obtainable “some day.”

This is also why you reject people in your close circle when they are changing. You ego hates to see totally, normal, hum-drum people transforming. It will bring up hundreds of reasons to point out everything “still” wrong in that person’s life. Why? Because if it can happen to your neighbor Karen, it can happen for you.

Oh no! Then what will the ego do?

As stated in the New Testament, even when Jesus the Christ returned to Nazareth after performing some pretty crazy miracles, he was rejected by his own people. “…A prophet has no honor in his own country.” They even had the cojones to ask their totally normal friend from elementary school who is a carpenter, to perform these "God like" miracles everyone has been tweeting about to prove he was the Messiah. And guess what he did? He totally denied them. And then, well, they tried to throw him off a cliff.

So what did he do? He LEFT and Nazareth was “no longer His home.”

A lot of us are experiencing a separation from family and friends during this process. I HEAR YOU. Our ego wants everyone to be on the same page as us, so we try to talk to them, convince them, explain why sometimes taking a bubble bath is more productive than balancing your finances. WE also try to look more amazing, more spiritual, more religious,

more peaceful, so they will believe how we feel on the INSIDE is real and desirable.

And one of the WORST things I think we do is we wait until our "healing journey is over" before we start sharing, teaching and do I dare even say...prophesying about the truths we know deep inside us. That is the ego's lie again, "You can do this WHEN you are done. When you are perfect, When you don't still get triggered by A,b,c,d, e f..... Whatever. Just start showing up NOW. Even if people don't think you're amazing yet.

Because it’s ok if they don’t understand. It’s ok if they reject you (they aren’t, their ego is), it’s ok if they want to hurl you off a cliff because you won’t perform for them and make them feel good. These are not your people (at least right now). Who are your people? Well first you have to become your people. You have to believe in yourself, your connection to God, your power your divine nature. Then you give that to others. And the people who are at your vibe will show up in your life. And the one’s that aren’t will drop out of your life (some gently, some not so gently).

You have to be ok with things changing. If your “home” isn’t safe anymore, you can be connected to source and continue your journey back home wherever you are. We walk in spirit and truth. We don’t betray our divinity to fit in, or please anyone’s ego, we don’t fly with narcissism, co-dependency or enmeshment anymore. Those are all totally NOT OK no matter what. And anyone who isn’t on board with that will learn from your example.

If anything we can learn from our Savior's example, is that He was normal, He still acted normal, He still stood up for himself, He still preached and defended God's truth. He also did not give a millisecond to caring what other's thought of Him.

This is an amazing thing to show your ego. If He can do it, so can you.

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