who do you think you are?

this is a question we need to ask ourselves a lot, maybe even more than once a day.

who do you think you are?

so many times we commit to a new schedule, or try a new parenting technique, or really really commit to finally breaking our bad habits and reaching our goals! Finally!!

but in reality....we end up in the same place, or we do achieve the outside things with a lot of stress and struggle. Yay! But we still feel the same...empty. Lost. Unsettled. And, we had to endure a lot of stress and struggle for the results.

here is what I believe, NOTHING is going to work permanently, and nothing is going to really change until you fully LOVE YO’ SELF.

and you can’t fully love yourself until you really, truly, deep into the marrow of your bones, know who YOU DIVINELY ARE.

not who you are to the world, not the fake masks we show ourselves and others for most of our lives. no, who is the spiritual being inside who is experiencing this mortal experience?

so again, ask yourself, and ask God the real question:


and then just sit in silence and wait. Listen. Really listen.

the truth shall set you free. cuz when you can step into that space and make decisions from that beautiful bubble of self awareness and consuming love?

goals smashed. Dreams manifested. Peace sparkles surround your thoughts. Unicorns poop rainbows and everything spreads out like cream cheese.

it all begins and ends with knowing the self. you can’t know who you truly are, and NOT FREAKING LOVE YOURSELF, GOD AND EVERYTHING ELSE.

no one can teach you this truth.

it can only be earned. All you have to do is have the desire to know and the faith He will tell you the answer. #jesustakethewheelforreals

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