you are a part of negative things in the news...I promise

Wait? How can I be a part of negative news cycles? How am I manifesting things "outside" in my "world"?

Hold on a sec with me hear and check this out:

When watching the news and seeing events around the world on social media trigger a reaction in you (you get tense, negative thought patterns start up, you want to punch someone in the face), step back and take a breath and look within.

This is a great practice to remind yourself how you are a small part of the collective insanity going on right now. Don’t believe me? Look at what bothers us about the news:


  1. Is biased (deny’s other realities)

  2. Focuses on the negative

  3. Blows it out of proportion

  4. Dehumanizes the “other”

Now…look at your inner world.

When I am triggered I look within first, and in this order:

  1. My thought patterns and feelings

  2. My actions to those immediately around me, and theirs towards me:

  3. Relationships with outside people in real life

  4. Social Media relationships

  5. Global relationship

When my kids, spouse, co-worker, neighbor bothers me, am I in an ego thought pattern? Am I biased? (denying their reality and only saying mine is valid). Am I only focusing on the negative? Do I blow one small mistake out of proportion and let it ruin my day? Am I ignoring and not acknowledging all of the good that I do, that my kids do, that my sister does? Am I talking about other people in a dehumanizing way? (“My kids are monsters”, “she’s the devil”, “those people are animals” “the school district is a “disaster”)

Take all the words you just used to describe the horrible false news outlets, and look within: “Am I destructive? Selfish? Biased? Ignorant? Stupid? Naive? (Insert any word you are using to describe the people/events bothering you)

Am I respectful of myself and others? Am I acknowledging or denying my or other people’s reality? Am I only focusing on the negative? How are my relationships? Do I respect myself? Do those closest to me respect me? Am I patient? Am I understanding? Do I take care of the objects in my life with care? (Make my bed, take care of my body, laundry, dishes, work tasks etc).

Guaranteed, whatever is bothering you on the news or in the “world”, the same dysfunctional thought patterns and actions are WITHIN YOU. Don’t believe me? That’s ok! I won’t deny your reality ;)

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