You Might Need Some Help Around Here

Surrender to not being perfect. Surrender to not having to figure it out on your own.

If you are seeking peace, there’s this little thing that happens. You find it!

But you also see all of the stuff you have put in front of, on top of, around, and through the peace.

This is what we call “blocks”. Beliefs, thoughts, actions, habits, etc that keep us from feeling, and freely giving away, LOVE.

Why do people work with therapists, coaches, mentors, sponsors etc?

Because it a TODDLER can point out to you what you are doing wrong faster than you can notice it yourself.

Think about it, it’s so easy to see, disassemble and then show someone how they are messing up their life.

But our own stuff? haha. Fuhgettaboutit.

Working with someone helps you do all of these things FASTER. The right mentor will hold your hand and ask the right questions to see your blocks, why you have them, why aren't letting them go, and how to release them. All with love and acceptance.

Sounds nice right?

Were you going to figure it out on your own? Sure, we all have that power. But who knows how long that's gonna take. And if you could work with someone and get happy and peaceful and in flow in a year versus 15 years, HELLO!???

“I’m fine thanks!” you're gonna think, as you spend the rest of the day listening to Landslide by Fleetwood Mac for the millionth time while stuffing your face with m&m’s while sobbing uncontrollably. (Not saying this was me but also not saying this was me).

Figuring out life on your own is so dinosaur ages people. Doing everything by yourself is not the higher way. We are all connected and we are meant to have other people in our lives. Eckhart Tolle (I am loosely quoting) said in one of his books, being married and having 3 divorces gets you closer to personal enlightenment than 5 years alone by yourself feeling just fine thankyouverymuch.

Want to become like God? Have kids. Hahahaha, no I’m not kidding. Any parent will tell you it is the crucible of personal issues that your kids will gladly pour into your lap along with their new batch of slime they just made.

But anyhoos, ya gonna need to talk to someone. We all do. WE ALL DO. So start paying attention to the signs being sent to you of where/how to get help. A book mentioned, a movie, someone’s post, a song, something your neighbor said etc.

Even this! This may be your sign! Want to work with me? DM me! I’m not accepting new 1-1 clients until July, but I do have some group courses you can hop into in the meantime if it calls to ya! I have easy payment plans and My Intro to Life Coaching Course is only $30! For realsies!

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